Club Launches Recruitment Drive For 2019-20 Season

Our club is almost solely reliant on our wonderful volunteers. Each year, so many people take time out of their personal lives to contribute to many aspects of the organisation.

Over the next few weeks, we will be actively seeking members to fill roles on our committee and sub-committees. These are great opportunities for all members to give back to the community and get more involved in our organisation.

It is up to you how you help out - some roles might require 20 minutes or responding to emails a week, while others are more time consuming. See the list below.

“The risk you run in a volunteer organisation is that a small amount of people end up doing the heavy lifting resulting in burn out and general lack of interest” said Club President Charlie Pitney on launching the Recruitment Drive.

“We want to spread this load so that more people are actively engaging with one another in our club, and I believe it will actually result in a greater sense of community amongst our members. I always hear members saying ‘the club should do this - the club should do that’ but the truth is that as members you are the club. If you have suggestion, help us implement it by joining our team! We wan't to make this club fun and enjoyable for all and we need your help!’

Joining our team is a great development opportunity for members to gain experience in many aspects of their personal and professional lives. You will work alongside a wide range of people and engage with a diverse group of stakeholders. There are also many great opportunities for team members through LSV and SLSA.

Parents - encourage your kids to give it a try and kids, get your parents involved!

If you are interested in any of the positions, please email club secretary James Coutie -

Current Vacancies:

Please see the below list of available positions. We would love your help!

If you are interested in any of these, please contact

  • Social/events Team

Very important this season - we need an energetic group of members to help organise some fun events to keep the club community together through social events when we don’t have a clubhouse!

  • Merchandise Team

Assist with design of new products and clothing as well as selling limited stock at local markets.

  • Media & Communications Team

Assist with running club Facebook and Instagram page, the club website and producing monthly newsletter.

  • Membership & Leadership Development Sub-Committee

Come up with new community based initiatives, community outreach programs, promote development opportunities to members and help to arrange yearly awards night.


    Perfect for any members who have a finance, governance or legal background. Help ensure proper governance and guidance is given to our committees.

  • Senior COMPETITION Team

    • Team Manager

    • Team Administrator

    • Head Coach

    • Beach Captain

    • Swim Captain

    • Boat Captain

    • Craft Captain

  • Junior Competition

    • Team Manager

    • Team Administrator

    • Head Coach

  • Property Area

    • Beach Base Supervisor

  • Marketing Area

    • Sponsorship Co-ordinator

  • Life Saving Services Team

    • Operational Vehicle Officer

    • Patrol Competition Co-coordinator

    • Communications Officer

  • Admin area

    • Member Protection and Equality Officer

    • OH&S Officer

  • Fundraising Area

    • Social Secretary

    • Door-Knock Co-ordinator

  • Nippers Team

    • Nippers Chief Instructor x 2