Join or Renew Membership

To renew or join for 2019-20 you must complete your membership online and make your payment online. Please note that we no longer accept paper membership forms so you will need access to the internet.

To join or renew your membership, you must have an account on the SLSA Member’s Portal. For more information on how to register an account, click here.

Please note, if you are over 17 years old and interacting with minors you are required to obtain a Working With Children’s Check. Please see our Documents and Policies for more information.

We do not want anyone to miss out on the opportunity of being a member of a community organisation because of financial constraints. For this reason, we have implemented a Financial Assistance Policy.


1. Please see the below table for information on the membership costs for the 2019-2020 season. Use this table as a guide for both the calculation of your club payment as well as your membership type for the purpose of the SLSA Portal.

Club Member Type SLSA Member Type Early Bird Cost Late Cost

(note: at least 1 parent must also be a member
Junior Activities Member $105.00 ($60 conc.) $130.00 ($80 conc.)
Active (Patrolling Members)
Cadet (13-15 years old) Active Cadet $95.00 ($50 conc.) $110.00 ($65 conc.)
Bronze Active (15-18 years old) Active Junior $95.00 ($50 conc.) $110.00 ($65 conc.)
Active (18+) Active $85.00 $105.00
Reserve Active
must have completed a minimum 8 years of patrol*
Reserve Active $85.00 $105.00
Long Service
must have completed a minimum of 8 years of patrol**
Long Service $100.00 $110.00
Nipper Parent Associate $100.00 ($75 conc.) $120.00 ($85 conc.)
Social Member*** Associate $150.00 $155.00
Life Member Life Member $0.00 $0.00
Family Membership $315.00 $415.00

* A Reserve Active Member is a member who has completed 8 years of patrol services (16+ hours) or by permission from the Club Captain. They are required to attend 1 patrol a season on Australia Day and should be available to help (as are all members on RVSC day).

** A Long Service Member has satisfied the requirements of a Reserve Active Member but has been granted permission from the Club Captain to not patrol as required.

For these membership categories - complete and return the RA/LS Application.

*** Social Members are encouraged to attend club events and support the club. They are not able to attend patrols or assist with instructing camps.

For further information, see this document.

If claiming Concession rate, ensure our office receives a copy of your valid Health Care Card with Victorian address, within 7 days of making your payment.


Complete the Online Membership Steps.

Step 3: PAYMENT ONLINE (note: you must complete step 2 before starting this step)

Complete the payment of your membership fees. To find out how, please see the Online Payment Instructions.

Additional Steps: 

It is compulsory that all members aged 17 years and older obtain a Working With Children’s Check - this includes Nipper Parent Volunteers. For more information, see our Documents and Policies.


It is compulsory that all Nippers participants satisfy the swimming requirements. Please print the Swim Test, have it completed, and send it to the club office by

See the How to Apply for Nippers page.

Starfish Nippers

For children or young adults with special needs - see Starfish Nippers for enrolment details.

Bronze and Cadets

If you would like to complete a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion - visit the Bronze & Cadets page to apply online.

Other Information

We can publish photos of club members to promote the club - see Member Protection for details.

To order clothing or other club products - visit the online store (coming soon).

This includes some compulsory Nippers clothing, to purchase new or reuse if already owned.