Member Opportunity - Membership & Leadership Development

There are so many awesome ideas and initiatives members come up and this sub-committee is intended to help explore and implement them.

I’d love for our club to do more which will give our membership a strong sense of community. I’d love us to come up with initiatives to engage with the local community; to promote sustainability and protect our beach eco-system; or even look at multi-cultural programs. There are so many small thing we can do and want to do, but we just don’t have the resources to make them a reality. We hope this sub-committee will change that.

- Charlie Pitney, Club President

PLSLSC is looking for energetic members to join the Membership & Leadership Development (M&LD) Sub-Committee.


The M&LD sub-committee is a newly formed committee aimed at developing new initiatives at the club, encouraging current members to engage with Life Saving Victoria opportunities and engaging with the local Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff community.

It will also assist the Executive Committee in nominating members for awards and recognition at club, state and national level.

The key focus areas of the M&LD Sub-Committee are:

  • youth programs (12-18 years old);

  • ongoing Member engagement (18-25 years old);

  • overall member engagement;

  • local community engagement; and

  • community outreach (including Cultural and Linguistic Diversity programs).

Last week was Mental Health Week and because of lack of resources and people being busy, PLSLSC didn’t do anything to raise awareness or let our members know we’re there for them.

If we’re going to be a ‘club’ then we need to look out for each other, we need everyone to know they’re welcome and we need to foster a sense of belonging. I am really hopeful that with more support of members, this sub-committee can make our a place people want to be!

- Tim Harrison, M&LD Sub-Committee

Responsibilities & Commitment

Ideally there will be a large group of members on the M&LD sub-committee which will be able to assist in areas they are passionate about or interested in meaning that we can lighten the load.

The time commitment is 1 hour per week & 2 hours per week over summer.

Some of the key roles of the M&LD sub-committee are to:

  • oversee the delivery of the Youth Involvement Program (YIPs);

  • create and promote events to encourage women in the club into leadership positions;

  • nominate club members for development camps and opportunities;

  • arrange the annual club awards night;

  • nominate clubs members for Life Saving Victoria Awards of Excellence and other non-club awards;

  • develop initiatives to develop overall member engagement and create opportunities for ongoing member engagement.

  • develop new and inclusive community outreach programs to engage disadvantage members of the local community.

We want to raise awareness at our club of some of the opportunities available through our life saving network. There are so many development opportunities for all ages - leadership camps, emergency services training and even business training through the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

We would like to promote to our members that this sort of this available and encourage everyone to get involved and develop both within our club but personally and professionally.

- Dean Biddau, M&LD Sub-Committee


Anyone is welcome - we need your help!

We would love a good cross-section of members of all ages and backgrounds to help us come up with new ideas and put them in motion.


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Club Launches Recruitment Drive For 2019-20 Season

Our club is almost solely reliant on our wonderful volunteers. Each year, so many people take time out of their personal lives to contribute to many aspects of the organisation.

Over the next few weeks, we will be actively seeking members to fill roles on our committee and sub-committees. These are great opportunities for all members to give back to the community and get more involved in our organisation.

It is up to you how you help out - some roles might require 20 minutes or responding to emails a week, while others are more time consuming. See the list below.

“The risk you run in a volunteer organisation is that a small amount of people end up doing the heavy lifting resulting in burn out and general lack of interest” said Club President Charlie Pitney on launching the Recruitment Drive.

“We want to spread this load so that more people are actively engaging with one another in our club, and I believe it will actually result in a greater sense of community amongst our members. I always hear members saying ‘the club should do this - the club should do that’ but the truth is that as members you are the club. If you have suggestion, help us implement it by joining our team! We wan't to make this club fun and enjoyable for all and we need your help!’

Joining our team is a great development opportunity for members to gain experience in many aspects of their personal and professional lives. You will work alongside a wide range of people and engage with a diverse group of stakeholders. There are also many great opportunities for team members through LSV and SLSA.

Parents - encourage your kids to give it a try and kids, get your parents involved!

If you are interested in any of the positions, please email club secretary James Coutie -

Current Vacancies:

Please see the below list of available positions. We would love your help!

If you are interested in any of these, please contact

  • Social/events Team

Very important this season - we need an energetic group of members to help organise some fun events to keep the club community together through social events when we don’t have a clubhouse!

  • Merchandise Team

Assist with design of new products and clothing as well as selling limited stock at local markets.

  • Media & Communications Team

Assist with running club Facebook and Instagram page, the club website and producing monthly newsletter.

  • Membership & Leadership Development Sub-Committee

Come up with new community based initiatives, community outreach programs, promote development opportunities to members and help to arrange yearly awards night.


    Perfect for any members who have a finance, governance or legal background. Help ensure proper governance and guidance is given to our committees.

  • Senior COMPETITION Team

    • Team Manager

    • Team Administrator

    • Head Coach

    • Beach Captain

    • Swim Captain

    • Boat Captain

    • Craft Captain

  • Junior Competition

    • Team Manager

    • Team Administrator

    • Head Coach

  • Property Area

    • Beach Base Supervisor

  • Marketing Area

    • Sponsorship Co-ordinator

  • Life Saving Services Team

    • Operational Vehicle Officer

    • Patrol Competition Co-coordinator

    • Communications Officer

  • Admin area

    • Member Protection and Equality Officer

    • OH&S Officer

  • Fundraising Area

    • Social Secretary

    • Door-Knock Co-ordinator

  • Nippers Team

    • Nippers Chief Instructor x 2

Clubhouse Cleared Out in Working Bee

There was a great turn out at the club working bee held on Saturday 17 August as we move closer and closer to our much anticipated redevelopment!

The remaining equipment was moved from the sheds to our Beach Bases at Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale as well as to our new office and storage facility located in Ocean Grove. With utilities in the clubhouse set to be switched off in the next week and construction very close to commencing, it was important get a good team down and make light work.

Working over our four locations, the team moved key life saving equipment to our surf rescue facilities, relocated the surf ski’s and rack to the back beach base and cleaned up Santa Casa in preparation of the Nippers program commencing in December.

A massive thanks to all who helped out: Sue, Rich, James, Will D, Will G, Charlie, Tom, Josh, Jim, Kye, Roger and Alan. A special shout out to Alan who has helped with the relocation over many weeks.

The club is looking for a group of energetic members to assist managing our news, website and social media. It would be a great experience and look very good on any CV. If you have an interest in media, journalism or communications contact

New Executive Committee Elected at AGM

A motion was moved unanimously to thank outgoing President Matthew Ponsford as the club reflected on yet another successful season at the 72nd Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 4 August. Serving since 2015, Matthew’s achievements include increasing the number of women in leadership positions, the roll-out of the successful Summer Pop-up restaurants and achieving fundraising targets to be on the verge of beginning work on our new Clubhouse Project.

Club Secretary Steve Woodfull also did not stand for re-election after a successful four years in what is a particularly thankless but extremely important position.

We thank and commend both Matthew and Steve for their great work over the past four seasons. They have both worked tirelessly to put the club in a position to begin construction of a new clubhouse.

There were a number of reshuffles on the Executive Committee with former Club Captain Charlie Pitney elected the club’s youngest ever President and former Vice President James Coutie moving to become Club Secretary. Former Vice-Club Captain Tom Pearson will head up the Life Saving Services Team as Club Captain while Sue Doman became Vice President.

We have a very energetic team full of ideas and ready to hit the ground running! We know there will be some challenges and a steep learning curve ahead of us this season operating without a clubhouse, however we are looking forward to taking them on.

- Charlie Pitney - President

The full list of Executive Committee positions:

  • President - Charlie Pitney

  • Vice President - Sue Doman

  • Secretary - James Coutie

  • Treasurer - Catherine ‘Bunny’ Carrigan (mid-term)

  • Club Captain - Tom Pearson (Jess Robinson & Andrew Taylor - Vice Club Captains)

  • Director of Property - Andrew MacLeod (re-elected)

  • Director of Marketing - Will Doman

  • Director of Training & Assessment - Charlie Bidgood

  • Director of Junior Programs - Rich Howden (re-elected)

  • Director of Aquatic Sports - Gus Birrell (mid-term)

  • Director New Clubhouse Project - Kirsten MacLeod

Highlights of the AGM included:

  • Treasurer Bunny Carrigan reporting an overall profit of $912,498 for Financial Year 18/19;

  • Life Member Rick Aitchison speaking to the motion thanking Matthew Ponsford praising his hard work, professionalism and resilience throughout his term as President; and

  • an engaging discussion with members about rolling out more training for local residents and expanding the club Nippers program.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be uploaded to the Member’s Area in the coming days.

The club is looking for a group of energetic members to assist managing our news, website and social media. It would be a great experience and look very good on any CV. If you have an interest in media, journalism or communications contact

New Website Launched

Today the club has launched it’s new website powered by Squarespace!

This allows us to bring our communications more up to date and provide easier access to information to our members. It is still very much a work in progress and we understand there will be teething issues.

If you would like to get something included on the website, or have any suggestions for changes, use the simple contact form on the website to let us know!

We are also on the lookout for a Media Officer to help us coordinate this new website and our Social Media. If you’re interested, contact to register your interested.

Hopefully this site will continue to grow in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for more!

Club Members Recognised at LSV Awards of Excellence

Last night LSV held the Awards of Excellence where Junior Club Captain Jess Robinson was awarded the Westpac Youth Life Saver of the Year.

Jess has been a fantastic contributor to our club in both Lifesaving Services and Junior Programs. In season 2018-2019 she coordinated the Pink Zinc Patrol, was Chief Instructor of Nippers, a YIPs mentor and finish line coordinator for the RVSC. This award is a great achievement for Jess and she is excited about the opportunities it will open up for her as she continues her career in surf life saving.

We would also like to congratulate Tim Harrison and James Coutie who were shortlisted and nominated for Victorian Life Saver of the Year and Volunteer of the Year, respectively. It was a great achievement for both of these members to be nominated and we are so thankful for their continuing service to PLSLSC.

We are very lucky to have these members at our club!