How to Apply to Nippers


Enrolment in our Nipper program is achieved by gaining Junior Activity membership at the club.

RENEWALS: If your children participated in the program last summer, their Nipper places are guaranteed this season - but ONLY IF your family's memberships are renewed by 30 September. After that date, they may miss out - places are strictly limited for safety and program effectiveness, and we've been fully booked every season for many years.

NEW FAMILIES: If your family is new to the club, you can apply for membership as soon as applications open. Please do NOT wait to see if Nipper places are available; instead submit your application, as soon as possible. We will process all 30 September renewals, and then look at new applications to fill any remaining places - if your family applies but misses out, you will be offered a full refund.

END DATE: After 31 October we do not accept any Nipper applications - not late renewals, not new families, no-one. By that date, we consistently receive enough applications to fill every available Nipper place. Try again next year, or try another club.


Early Tip 1: WWCC

  • If you do not have a valid WWCC, your child will not be offered a Nippers place. Keep reading.

  • In each Nipper family, at least one parent must be a member, and must have a valid WWCC listing our club as an organisation for which you volunteer.

  • WWCC is maintained via the Department of Justice; see Working With Children Check on our website for details.

  • Please check your WWCC registration carefully online, since it is a common error to mistakenly omit our club.

  • It can take several weeks for the Department of Justice to process your WWCC application, so please start early.

  • Each season we enrol 350+ Nippers, and we verify WWCC every time.

Early Tip 2: Swim Test

  • We need a completed Preliminary Evaluation (Swim Test) for every Nipper, every season. See details below.

  • For convenience, you can complete the Swim Test in Term 3 during your child's regular swimming lessons or squad.

  • You can PRINT IT NOW, get tested, and RETURN IT WITH YOUR FAMILY'S OTHER PAPERWORK by 30 September.

Preliminary Evaluation (swim test)

The Nipper program is not a learn to swim program and your children should be confident in swimming in ocean conditions. To give you an idea of the swimming capabilities expected, each child should be able to swim the following distances without stopping and complete a survival float for the time specified below. Age Groups are calculated by birthdate at 30 September.

Age Group

Preliminary Evaluation

Under 8

25 metre swim, (any stroke). 1 minute survival float.

Under 9

25 metre swim, (any stroke). 1 minute survival float.

Under 10

25 metre swim, (freestyle). 1 ½  minute survival float.

Under 11

50 metre swim, (freestyle). 2 minute survival float.

Under 12

100 metre swim, (freestyle). 2 minute survival float.

Under 13

150 metre swim, (freestyle). 3 minute survival float.

We do not offer Nippers for Under 7 or Under 14 age groups. Members aged 13+ are encouraged to try for Cadets (SRC) instead.